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Ductless Air Conditioning

Ductless air conditioning Units, also called split air conditioning units are air conditioning units that do not require additional duct work and are often soft on noise and installed in individual rooms.

Pros of Ductless Air Conditioning Units
There are several benefits to installing a ductless air conditioning system in your home. It is possible to have one condenser installed but cooling or evaporator units to be installed in several locations around the home. This allows for different areas of the home to be cooled only as needed. Have the potential to lower home cooling costs, since rooms only need be cooled as they are used. Most ductless air systems have an automatic air filter that filters out pollen, mold and other air contaminates. This can be an especially attractive feature for anyone with small children or who has respiratory sensitivities.

Cons of Ductless Air Conditioning Units
Requires professional installation. Since the system not only has a condenser but also requires an evaporation unit, installation must be performed by a professional HVAC contractor. Exeter is that company.