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Our Policies

Exeter Fuel conducts its business under a defined set of policies. These policies will change at our discretion. They include:

  • NEW CUSTOMERS – We will no longer accept personal checks
  • All service charges will be applied to unpaid balances
  • A $500.00 deposit will be required for renters, automatic, and budget accounts
  • We reserve the right to refuse deliveries or services to any facility we deem as unsafe
  • A $25 delivery charge will be assessed for C.O.D. deliveries in which payment was not available at time of original delivery
  • Any budget plan with a 60-day overdue balance will be locked out of delivery until at least one budget payment is made
  • Exeter Fuel is not responsible for freeze ups due to un-monitored homes during vacation or otherwise not properly maintained by homeowner.
  • Terms are NET 10/30 (Payment within 10 days is at discount price, within 30 days at full price) except for Senior Citizens, Kerosene customers (Discount NET 30), Budget Plan customers, and C.O.D. customers
  • Automatic Customers without Service Contracts, please read this NOTICE!