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TO: Automatic Customers w/o burner service contract
RE: After-hours service calls

Exeter Fuel values all of its customers, and especially those on automatic delivery status. To prevent confusion with after-hours service calls, however, please keep in mind that we only accept No Heat calls after hours and if you do not have a service contract with us you will be billed for a service call at our night-time rates. A current price sheet has been included with this notice and our current rates are also posted on our website in the “Service Prices” page.

Please help our answering service prioritize your call by informing them that you are an automatic delivery customer with No Heat. They will notify us immediately.

Please do not call the answering service for any non-emergency problem that can be handled the next day. No Heat calls take priority over all else at night.

If you would like to enroll in our service plan, or if you are not sure if you are enrolled in our plan, please call the office at 392-0457.

Here is a handy checklist to follow before calling:


  1. Be sure that the oil burner switch is on
  2. Thermostat should be set above room temperature
  3. Make sure that there is oil in the tank
  4. Press reset button on relay once only
  5. Check to see if flame comes on
  6. If burner does not run at all, check for blown or loose fuse

If burner still fails to operate – Call for service