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Home Heating Oil Facts

Of the 150+ million households in the United States, approximately 18 million use heating oil as their main heating fuel. Residential space heating is the primary use for heating oil, making the demand highly seasonal. Most of the heating oil use occurs during October through March. The area of the country most reliant on heating oil is the Northeast.

Heating oil prices paid by consumers are determined by the cost of crude oil, the cost to produce the product, the cost to market and distribute the product, as well as the profits (sometimes losses) of refiners, wholesalers and dealers. At Exeter Fuel we offer very competitive pricing . In fact, when our service and experience is factored, we offer the most value for your money in the whole area.

Oil Heat is Cleaner Than Ever – Oil heat has always provided a winning combination: high efficiency and low emissions. Now the latest in oil-fueled home heating systems are nearing zero emissions for smoke and combustion discharge. That means you get the most for your heating fuel money while helping to ensure cleaner air for your family, your community and generations to come. Home Heating Oil and the Environment – Heres a quick look at the environmental performance of today’s high-efficiency home heating oil systems.

Residential oil burners produce less than one-third of one percent(.003) of total particulate emissions in the United States. The Emissions from a home oil are about the same as those from a similar-size gas burner. New oil heating systems boast energy efficiency ratings ranging from 83 to 94 percent. Oil is safe and non-volatile.