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Home Heating Oil Conservation Tips

Here are a few tips on preparing for winter that will give you peace of mind, save a few dollars and help keep your home and family warm and cozy:

  • Arrange for Automatic Delivery – let our computer generated delivery system schedule your fills based on the degree day system.
  • Turn down your thermostat by 10 degrees for eight hours a day while you’re at work, or overnight, while you sleep. You can save about 10% on your heating bills!
  • Don’t block the heat on hot water systems – move furniture and draperies away from radiators so heat can enter your room and circulate throughout the house.
  • Vacuum warm air registers on a regular basis and make sure they are not blocked by carpets or furniture.
  • Let the sun shine in by opening the shades, blinds or drapes on your south-facing windows during the day.
  • Add insulation to your unfinished attic and between the floor joists and against the walls in your unfinished basement. Check for air leaks around windows, bathtubs, fireplaces and electrical outlets and caulk them. Put plastic over old windows and begin budgeting the cost to replace such windows.